OSE volunteers are truly the heart of our PTA, and their efforts deserve to be recognized.  An honorary Life Membership is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual by our PTA.  The only requirement for receiving this honor is that the recipient is making or has made worthwhile contributions to the well-being of our children.  

Congratulation to our 2018-19 Texas PTA Life Member Award recipients - Mary Johnson, Karen Garland and Joan Wong! 


Congratulations to our 2017-18 Texas PTA Life Member Award recipients - Beth Sharum, Esther King, Kristi Page, and Sharon Franks! 

Following is a list of OSE PTA Lifetime Membership previous recipients.
2017 - Angela Tullos, Jimmy Tullos, Patti McAnelly, Kathy Hanke 
2016 - Andrea Bennett, Whitney Jones, Christie Zupancic
2015 - April McGhee, Laura Peck, Pam Perkins
2014 - Margo Brooks, Lisa Clark, Julie Davenport, Rose Palacios, Miss Sissy
2013 - Heidi Axelrod, Alyson Bumpass, Carmen Imrie, Victor Sanchez
2012 - Liese Canterbury, June Kirl, Michele Portillo, Christine Richter, Cristi Watson
2011 - Kim Dockery, Cecilia Pettit, Naseem Razvi, Natalie Rodgers, Linda Stoneking
2010 - Deleese Bissett, Lyndia Bixler, Marti Wurst
2009 - Jill Hession, Debbie Moore, Linda Sacash, Pam Williamson
2008 - Nancy Boldt, Sandi Rochowski, Stephanie Shurtleff
2007 - Lee Bransford, DeeDee McGuire, Cindy Uptmore
2006 - Deborah Bitton, Mary Lewis, Kristin Sumner
2005 - Edwina Lynch, Louise Miller, Pam Owens
2004 - Sue Decker, Laurie Gruenloh, Jaime Carlin
2003 - Georgie Burns, Samantha Jeffrey, Cathy Walton
2002 - Jonelle Masty, Theresa Parisi
2001 - Tamara McFarland, Debbie Raby, Patty Ruth, Tammi Vajda
2000 - Liv Dunaway, Marilyn Harms
1999 - Linda Eason, Pauline Wasser
1998 - Deb Fahrendorff
Image result for pta lifetime membership photo Image result for pta lifetime membership photo